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Creating a webhook to intercept a Pix

Through Openpix it is possible to create webhooks to intercept when a pix is made. Today, there are two ways to create it: via platform or API.

Below are examples of how to create them:

To create a webhook via platform just follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Settings

Go to APIs found within the settings on the home / settings / tabs / applications / list route. Click on 'Create Webhook'.

After the click, the creation screen will open for a new trigger:



  • Name - Webhook name.
  • Active - whether the webhook is active or inactive.
  • Event - event to be heard (example: pix transaction received).
  • Action There are two types of action: call api and send email. Depending on which one you decide on, the mandatory parameter fields will be made available.


When choosing a type of action, according to the chosen one, it will be mandatory to inform the necessary parameters for this.



  • email: required