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How to use the API to create a charge with OpenPix Parcelado?


In order to use this functionality, it is necessary to have the OpenPix Installment functionality. Request access via chat through the platform link.

To create a Pix charge with OpenPix Parcelado, you use the endpoint /api/v1/charge of the API.

You can access here documentation for that endpoint.

The mandatory fields to create a Pix charge with OpenPix Parcelado are the following:

  • value: The value in cents of the Pix charge to be created.
  • correlationID: A unique identifier for the Pix charge. CorrelationID
  • type: The type of charge must be PIX_CREDIT
  • customer: It is mandatory that a customer be passed with: name, cpf/cnpj, email, telephone and full address


The body of your request will look like this example:

"correlationID": "63c533c0-3bb2-4847-a568-e2270e99aad8",
"value": 1500,
"comment": "OpenPix Parcelado",
"type": "PIX_CREDIT",
"customer": {
"name": "Dan",
"taxID": "12345678900",
"phone": "+5519912345678",
"email": "[email protected]",
"address": {
"zipcode": "13142514",
"street": "OpenPix Street",
"number": "2019",
"neighborhood": "Home",
"city": "Sao Paulo",
"state": "SP",
"complement": "Brooklyn"

After making the request, if everything went well, the status code of the request will be 2xx and in the body of the response, in addition to the normal charge fields created, with status ACTIVE_WAITING_PAYMENT_METHOD.

Rendering the charge

For the flow to work completely after creating the charge with OpenPix Parcelado, it must be rendered using the same payment link or our Plugin Js.

Rendering your OpenPix Parcelado charge with the payment link is the simplest way to complete the flow. Just take the paymentLinkUrl field and open it in a new browser tab.

Rendering the charge - Plugin Js

You can find the docs on how to render it by clicking here.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Copy your correlationID
  2. Inject the js plugin according to the example below passing three fields:
  • appID: appID of your store, it is important that it be of the PLUGIN type. See how to create a Plugin type appID here
  • correlationID: correlationID of the charge
  • node: the node represents the node in your HTML that will receive our injected plugin. <div id="openpix-order"></div> <!-- the node in this case is "openpix-order" -->
<html lang="pt-BR">

<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<title>OpenPix Plugin Demo</title>

<div id="openpix-order"></div> <!-- the node in this case is "openpix-order" -->
<script src=""></script>


Examples in code

   curl '' -X POST \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "user-agent: node-fetch" \
--data-binary '{"correlationID":"63c533c0-3bb2-4847-a568-e2270e99aad8","value":1500,"comment":"OpenPix Parcelado","type":"PIX_CREDIT","customer": {"name":"Dan ","taxID":"12345678900","phone":"+5519912345678","email":"[email protected]","address":{"zipcode":"13142514" ,"street":"OpenPix Street","number":"2019","neighborhood":"Casa","city":"Sao Paulo","state":"SP","complement":"Brooklin" }}}'